Is Ohio Aluminum Foundry the best supplier for your green sand aluminum casting project?

Ohio Aluminum focuses on green mold programs with annual sales that range from $10,000 to $2 million.  We are able to produce green sand castings as light as 0.5 lbs. or as heavy as 60 lbs.  

Advantages of using Ohio Aluminum Green Sand Foundry:

  1. We will give you the special attention that you deserve.  Our business plan calls for a limited number of green sand projects and customers.  Each project and customer is important to us.

  2. We have extensive experience with both cored and uncored castings and we are able to make castings that have demanding metallurgical requirements.

  3. Our pricing is competitive and our quality is world class.

  4. We are highly experienced with demanding aerospace, automotive and commercial customers.

  5. We ensure smooth launches by utilizing advanced technology such as Magma Solidification modeling, by using good management techniques and by maintaining capable, experienced engineers, sales and quality personnel.

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