Advantages of making aluminum castings using the green sand mold process.  

  1. Green sand casting is a low cost method of producing aluminum castings for low, medium or high volume applications.

  2. The tooling for permanent mold castings is less expensive than the tooling for permanent mold castings, die castings or dry sand castings.

  3. Green sand prototype castings and tooling can be made quickly and inexpensively.  Often, green sand prototype castings are less expensive than castings that are made from “grown cores”.

  4. It is relatively easy to change green sand gating and part designs compared to the difficulties that are encountered in other processes.

  5.  The green sand mold aluminum molding process can utilize sand cores to create complex geometries.  Die casting cannot use sand cores. 

  6. Green sand castings achieve better elongation than die castings.  This means that green sand castings are less brittle than die castings. 

  7. Green sand castings are better than die castings when pressure tightness is required.  This means that permanent mold castings don’t “leak” as much as die castings and are better for holding oil, fuel, compressed gas and compressed air.

Disadvantages of making aluminum castings using the green sand molding process.  

  1. Green sand castings are not as precise as die castings, permanent mold castings or dry sand castings and require thicker metal walls.

  2. The dimensional stability of green sand castings is not a good as the dimensional stability of permanent mold castings or die castings.